December 15, 2017 Ron Gauthier

Which Type of Flooring is Better for Pets and Kids?

We redecorate and remodel our homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we make changes to add value to the house, and get it ready to sell. Sometimes we need to make repairs when elements of our homes become damaged. And of course, sometimes we make changes based on personal preferences, to make our homes more cozy and livable for ourselves.

Today we’ll be talking about that last category. If you’re considering new flooring, it might be because your aesthetic preferences or lifestyle needs have changed. And nothing can change those two factors more drastically than adding children or pets to your household! So, you might be wondering: Which type of flooring is better for pets and kids?

Hardwood versus carpet. You might think that hardwood is the clear answer here, but it’s not that simple. While carpet is obviously more easily damaged (particularly with regard to stains), hardwood can stain, too. In fact, water damage can present more of a challenge with hardwood than carpet, due to the higher cost of replacement.

Hardwood can also be scratched, particularly if you have large dogs. If you choose hardwood flooring, consider the cost of eventually refinishing the floors in the future. Smaller dogs and cats might not present this problem. As for kids, hardwood might be the better choice, assuming you keep permanent markers out of reach!

If you’re worried about stains from spilled drinks or potty accidents, wall-to-wall carpeting might scare you. Just know that if you do decide to go with carpet, we have many stain-resistant varieties that are easier to clean than you might believe. You can also go with a darker color, that better hides stains.

Finally, you can always go with a mixture of both hardwood and carpeting! Many homeowners choose hardwood for areas like the living room and dining room, where spills and accidents are more likely to happen, and reserve carpeting for bedrooms.

Tile flooring. Tile presents yet another option. If it’s spills, stains, and scratch damage that worries you, tile might be your best bet for flooring. Of course, some parents of young children worry about slips and falls on tile. In that case, you might choose tile for the kitchen and dining area, and another option for the rest of the home.

We can give you a quote for each circumstance, to help you decide which option best suits your budget and lifestyle needs. Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to review your options with you.

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