July 8, 2019 Ron Gauthier

Top 5 FAQ’s from our clients

Starting a home project can be exciting yet intimidating or even stressful, especially if you have never done one before. We find educating our clients before and during the time of the estimate helps them know the process and takes a lot of the questions and fear out of remodeling or just changing out the flooring for an updated style. Here we have a list of the top 5 questions and concerns our clients usually have before starting their project to maybe answer some of your questions

#1 How much is this going to cost?

This is usually the first question we get before starting any flooring project, and understandably so! A short and sweet answer would be “it depends on the material you choose and how much you are having installed”. But that didn’t really answer your question or give you any info did it? We wish there was a simple answer to the question, so much goes into a project to determine how much the end result will cost, but that can be good news! That means there are so many options you can find that work for your budget. For instance, selecting the material is a big part in the end cost; there is such a wide variety on products. If you’re looking for carpet, the face weight of the yarn will effect the cost and wether it is polyester or a nylon carpet. For Vinyl plank, the price varies depending on the manufacturer, quality/ durability. The wear layer that goes on top can play a role, some will be thicker than others. Now for tile, porcelain tile is usually more than ceramic, yet natural stone is usually the most expensive tile selection. When selecting wood flooring, the manufacture, quality, and species are the factors in the cost of the different hardwood options. For example, oak is more expensive than birch, and an exotic wood will be more than a domestic wood. So, deciding the material that will be installed is the first step in concluding the cost of your project.

After you pick the type of flooring, labor comes into play. A common misconception is if you pick cheap material then it won’t cost a lot to have installed. Unfortunately it takes the same amount of effort and time to install the lowest grade wood and the highest grade wood, meaning it will cot you the same for the labor. Yes, you can save some money depending on the material you choose, but a lot has to do with what is being installed. For instance; tile take four times longer to install than carpet, carpet takes half the time to install than vinyl plank flooring. The reason is, the more labor means more money. It takes a lot more to install tile than lay some carpet and pad because there is a lot more details involved.

#2 What is in style?

This question is a little easier to answer! Vinyl Plank flooring is definitely the most requested flooring in the last few years. 80% of our jobs have been vinyl plank flooring. Our customers love that there is a wide variety of vinyl plank flooring to choose from, there are so many different colors and styles. Another huge selling factor is, most of them are 100% waterproof! It gives you a great wood look that can be installed in wet areas of your home like the laundry room, bathrooms, and kitchen! Plus it is usually just a fraction of the cost of tile and hardwood flooring! Who doesn’t love saving some money?

#3 What do I have to do?

Starting a flooring project may sound like a lot of work for you and your family, but luckily our team tries to make it as easy as possible so you can be on your way enjoying your new flooring as soon as possible! First step is to schedule an estimate, that means we come and measure the areas of the house you’re looking to get flooring in, which usually takes under a half and hour, then we take those measurements and email you an itemized estimate. Our itemized estimates show you line by line what each service costs ( for example, demo, install, moving furniture etc.) that way if there is any adjustments you’d like to make you can see how much a difference the cost will be. After you review and make any adjustments to the estimate, you pay a 10% deposit then it’s time to order your material! We have access to a private show room you can go and see many different samples of flooring and make your selection and order right there. Once the materials come in, it’s time for the project to begin! Next is furniture, our team does offer to move your large furniture items for a fee(which will be in your estimate) but you have to move your small and fragile items like picture frames, tv’s, decor, etc. . But, you can always move the furniture yourself before the installers arrive if you would like to cut a cost.  Our team picks up everything from the warehouse and starts the demo then install! Then you’ll be enjoying your new flooring before you know it!

#4 how much dust is this going to make?

For many home owners, dust is a concern. Not many people enjoy cleaning up after a home project. The majority of the dust would come from removal of the existing flooring in the home, so it really depends on what is being demoed. Our installers mask off the room they are demoing with plastic to try to contain the dust to the one area to their best ability. Then, after the whole project is complete, our crew cleans up afterwards. For larger jobs, 1,000 SF and above, we do offer a complimentary cleaning service to come in and clean anything of your choice! It doesn’t even have to be in the area you had new flooring put in! We love for our customers to enjoy their new flooring right away and not feel like they have a list of things to clean because of the project.

#5 how long will it take?

This question is very similar to question #1, it really depends on what you are having installed and how much. Based off of 1,000 SF, on average carpet would take about one day, Vinyl plank would take about 2-3 days, and tile would be probably a week. Now, that doesn’t cover every 1,000 SF job, there are other variables to take into consideration like the choice of materials to be ordered, stairs, specialty cuts, and if the project requires extra prep; grinding or leveling of high or low spots in the foundation. Every project is different and our crew pays close attention to detail to ensure you will be happy with the outcome for years to come!


If you have any further questions that were not answered above, please feel free to email, call or text us at any time!

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