October 12, 2022 Ron Gauthier

Sustainable Flooring Options Rising in Popularity

Sustainable Flooring Options Rising in Popularity

Many factors can influence your decisions when you are preparing to install new flooring in your home. Not only should you be thinking about the style and appearance of these materials, but it’s just as important to consider the sustainability of the materials you install.

In fact, sustainability is one of the highest priorities for new homeowners this year. People are considering how their decisions are impacting the planet. When everyone makes small changes in their homes, it can have a cumulative effect on protecting Mother Earth.

Sustainability Factors to Consider for Flooring Materials

Here are a few things to think about if sustainability is important for your new flooring materials.

  • Where were the materials sourced? Make sure the materials were sourced responsibly and consider how far they had to travel to get to your destination. Finding local materials is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • How will the flooring affect indoor climate control? Consider the way the flooring will affect the temperature and comfort of your home. For example, certain products have a high thermal mass, which means they can contribute to the insulation in your home. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are great options to make it easier to maintain a comfortable indoor climate all year long.
  • Are products available made with recycled materials? Certain types of flooring are manufactured with recycled materials. Also, you’ll want to be sure that your flooring can be recycled or reused in the future if you decide to replace the floors with something else.
  • How durable are these materials? Durability is an essential factor to consider because it affects the timeline of when the flooring needs to be replaced in the future. Choosing the most durable materials ensures that you won’t have to replace the flooring prematurely. In addition, good materials can last in your home for many years.
  • Are toxic materials used in the manufacturing process? Some materials are created using toxic glues or other chemicals. For the most eco-friendly option, look for natural flooring whenever possible because it means these materials will be recyclable in the future.

Customized Recommendations for Your Flooring Installation

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