April 5, 2023 Ron Gauthier

Spring Office Makeover: The Best Flooring for Open-Floor Office Spaces

Spring Office Makeover The Best Flooring for Open-Floor Office SpacesSpring is here! Not only is it the perfect time of year to clear the junk out of the closets and do the deep-cleaning needed around the office, but you also might choose to invest in office redecorating and renovation projects. This upgraded look can undeniably impact the overall appearance of your workspace – helping boost employee satisfaction and set the right first impression for customers.

Not only do you need to consider paint colors and furniture selection, but flooring materials are an essential part of your project.

Factors to Consider: Durability and Aesthetics

Most of the time, people choose office flooring based on how the materials will look with other interior design features in the room. While style is important, don’t overlook the function of the flooring as well.

Offices tend to be high-traffic areas, especially when many employees and/or customers are moving through the area. Invest in quality materials that will hold up in these conditions. Otherwise, installing cheap flooring could result in materials that need to be replaced too quickly.

So, prioritize both appearance and function when you are choosing flooring materials. You want to be sure the floors will look good for many years. Spending money on quality materials right now can save you money in the future because you will delay the need to replace the flooring.

Best Types of Office Flooring Materials

Here are a few possibilities to consider:

  • Carpet Squares: They are commercial grade, good looking and easy to repair. Carpet Squares also minimize echoeing.
  • Laminate: This flooring is also good for soundproofing benefits. Additionally, a wide range of colors and finishes are available. Not recommended for wet areas.
  • Vinyl Planking: This flooring material is popular because of its long-term durability. You can also find vinyl with anti-slip features to reduce the risk and liability of accidents in the workplace. Good for wet areas or spills.
  • Carpet: If you want more soundproofing, then carpet might be the way to go. But make sure you are using low-pile, commercial-grade carpets.

Recommendations for Your Office Flooring

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