April 19, 2023 Ron Gauthier

Minimize Loud Footsteps and Echoes in the Home by Installing Carpet

Minimize Loud Footsteps and Echoes in the Home by Installing CarpetAre you tired of hearing noises that echo through the house? Footsteps, televisions, children playing with toys, and even animals running around can make it hard to relax in your home. These noises can move from one room to the next, especially when no features absorb the sounds.

The truth is that the type of flooring in your home will undeniably impact how sound moves through the building. Hard floors carry the echoes and make it challenging to muffle the sounds. On the other hand, carpet is a great solution to make your home a little quieter – and create a sanctuary where you can relax.

How Carpet Helps with Sound Management

There are several ways that carpet impacts the sounds in your home:

  • Soften Harsh Noises: Some of the loudest sounds come from objects in contact with the flooring. The cushioning of carpet fibers reduces noises from footfalls, moving chairs, and objects dropped on the floor.
  • Sound Reverberation: How a sound lives and moves through a room is known as “reverberation.” If your home has high reverberation, it means that there are many echoey places where the sound is moving through easily. Carpet helps to control reverberation to minimize the echoing.

Keep in mind that the type of carpet installed will affect the sound management benefits. Adding an underlay below the carpet can be a great way to include one more layer of insulation. Plus, a thicker carpet adds a bit more to absorb the noises and reduce the impact of footfalls and movements on the floor.

Other Acoustic Flooring Materials

There’s no question that carpet offers the best benefits for managing noise. But there are a few other options if you don’t want to install carpets. Common choices might include:

  • Cork flooring
  • Rubber flooring
  • Some Vinyl Planking

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