March 22, 2023 Ron Gauthier

Make Spring Cleaning Easy with Vinyl Plank Flooring

Make Spring Cleaning Easy with Vinyl Plank FlooringMany homeowners are putting together their spring-cleaning checklists as the weather warms up. What’s on your to-do list this year? Not only is general cleaning needed throughout the house, but it’s also a great opportunity to tackle the deep cleaning and organizational projects that have been on the back burner.

Additionally, you might be thinking about home improvement projects to upgrade your living space. For example, it might be time to upgrade your flooring. Not only will new flooring look better, but you can also minimize maintenance in the future – helping to simplify your spring cleaning next year.

Pro Tips for Taking Care of Vinyl Flooring

The good news is that vinyl flooring is one of the simplest materials to maintain in your home. Vinyl flooring creates the look of real hardwood, but it’s cheaper, moisture-resistant, more durable, and easier to maintain.

Here are a few tips to take care of the floors and minimize damage throughout the year:

  • Clean Up Spills Immediately: If anything spills on the flooring, it’s essential to clean up the mess immediately. Even though the flooring is resistant to moisture, water and other liquids can cause staining when left on the surface of the flooring.
  • Sweeping and Vacuuming Regularly: Not only does sweeping or vacuuming keep the flooring clean, but it also helps to reduce wear and tear. Be proactive about picking up dirt and grime because these seemingly small particles can scratch the flooring with normal movement and walking in the home.
  • Use Vinyl Friendly Products: Avoid any harsh cleaners that could damage the vinyl. Strong chemicals can discolor the flooring or cause it to dull quickly. Additionally, don’t use a vacuum “beater bar” attachment because it can also cause damage to the surface of the flooring.
  • Use Furniture Pads: Protect your flooring by placing pads on furniture legs. These soft coverings help to minimize dents, scuff marks, and scratches in the vinyl.

These tips will keep your floors in the best shape possible and minimize the work you have to do later when flying through your spring-cleaning checklist.

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