February 8, 2023 Ron Gauthier

It’s Valentine’s Day: Fall in Love with Modern Carpet Styles

It's Valentine's Day Fall in Love with Modern Carpet StylesValentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to focus on love. It’s a time when people share special moments to renew and honor their relationships. As you plan a special celebration for this holiday, consider how you can improve your living space to create a beautiful home for your family throughout the year.

Replacing the carpet in your home can make a big difference in the overall look and feel of the room. When you are ready to invest in a new carpet, make sure you fall in love with the color, texture, and feel of the new flooring. Talking to a carpet installation expert is a great way to learn about your options and pick the ideal product for personalizing your home.

Modern Carpet Trends for 2023

Do you want a neutral type of carpet, or are you looking to set the trend with this new installation? Modern interior designs are including carpets to improve the coziness and feel of the room, and it’s easy to see why carpet is “in” for current trends.

After years of trends focusing on hardwood, tile, and vinyl flooring, carpet is making a comeback. One reason could be the turbulence in recent years: homeowners are looking for ways to bring more comfort into their homes. The comfort of the carpet under the feet is unmatched compared to other types of flooring.

Here are a few of the carpet trends that we are seeing in 2023:

  • Bold Colors: Designers choose brighter shades and bolder colors, adding a wow factor to the room. The carpet stands out from the wall colors and other interior design elements.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials: Eco-friendly homeowners are not only looking at colors and textures, but they also want to know more about materials sourcing and how the carpets are created. Ask our team about eco-friendly carpeting.
  • Stripes and Borders: Add a little extra design to your room by choosing carpet with stripes, checkerboards, or a border around the room. These design features are more interesting compared to basic carpeting.
  • Carpet Tiles: Instead of installing a big piece of carpet in the entire room, some homeowners choose carpet tiles as an alternative. The benefit is that if a portion of the carpet is damaged, then it’s simple to repair that tile instead of replacing the flooring in the entire room.

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