November 9, 2022 Ron Gauthier

How to Protect Your Floors from Being Damaged By Your Christmas Tree

Protect Residential Flooring from Real Christmas Trees

It feels great to have a real Christmas tree in your home! The fresh scent of pine and its beautiful ambiance set the tone for a cozy holiday season. There is something magical about decorating a real tree in your home!

The downside is that bringing a real Christmas tree into your home could cause damage to your flooring. Here are a few tips to minimize the damage and protect your flooring this holiday season:

Prepare Before Bringing It into the House

Do as much prep work as possible before you bring the tree into the house. For example, take off the netting, shake out the tree, and trim off small branches if needed. Also, cut a half-inch off the bottom of the trunk right before bringing the tree inside so the tree can “drink” the water.

Completing these preparation steps outside helps to minimize the needles, branches, and sap that could fall on the floor.

Caring for the Christmas Tree

If you keep the tree alive, then it minimizes the amount of mess that drops onto your flooring. Living trees don’t drop needles or sap as much as dead trees.

Make sure there is always enough water in the tree stand – keep an eye on the water levels. You’ll need to add water every day. Some suggest that adding a little sugar to the water can improve the tree’s vitality.

It’s normal for needles to fall, and you should be proactive about cleaning them up daily. Walking across the needles could scratch hardwood floors or cause the debris to get cause between the floorboards.

Minimize Water Damage to the Flooring

While it’s good to maintain fresh water for the tree, adding water to the tree stand could increase the risk of water damage to the flooring. Be careful when pouring the water in, and always clean up spilled water immediately.

One strategy for protecting the flooring is t put a rubber tree mat under the stand. This mat is a protective layer to keep water off the flooring. You can add a decorative tree skirt to cover up the mat.

New Flooring Installation for Christmas

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