February 22, 2023 Ron Gauthier

Flooring That Stays Warm in Cooler Weather

Flooring That Stays Warm in Cooler WeatherDuring the cooler months of the year, have you considered that your flooring could be affecting the temperature and comfort of your home? Many people cringe when they think about stepping on a cold floor when getting out of bed on a cool morning.

The truth is that certain flooring materials retain heat differently. For example, harder materials tend to feel cold to the touch, which means you might think that the floor is cooler when walking barefoot.

The good news is that certain flooring products can offer insulation benefits and make it more comfortable to walk through your home on a cool day. Not only does this flooring feel cozy and warm, but it also looks great and can be used to upgrade your living space.

Warmer Flooring Materials

What types of materials should you choose if you want warmer flooring? Here are a few comparisons:

  • Carpet: It’s no surprise that carpeting is one of the most popular solutions for warm flooring. Carpets with thicker materials and longer threads offer better insulation than shorter carpets. Additionally, a quality carpet pad makes a difference in the insulation R-value of the flooring.
  • Cork: If you are looking for cushiony flooring, then cork is a great option to consider. This material has many tiny air pockets that offer insulating benefits, helping to prevent cold air from coming in through the subfloor. Cork is available in sheets and tiles that can be installed over many types of subflooring.

In comparison, many other flooring materials have minimal or no insulating benefits. If you want a warm and cozy design for your flooring, then tile, vinyl, laminate, and natural stone are not the best options.

Rugs vs. Carpet

Do you love the look of hard floors in your home but still want comfort and warmth in the room? Then you might consider installing harder flooring materials and placing rugs strategically in the walking areas. For example, a nice rug can be positioned near the couches in a sitting area or by the bed in the bedroom.

Rugs also offer a unique design element that can be easily changed if you want to switch the room’s overall appearance.

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