September 7, 2022 Ron Gauthier

Flooring Options for Mid-Century Modern Home Design

Flooring Options for Mid-Century Modern Home DesignIf your home has a mid-century design, it’s essential to find a flooring to match the overall interior design theme. This style incorporates form and boldness, creating an overall retro, clean, and simple aesthetic.

In a mid-century modern design, ideal flooring and other design materials use clean lines and neutral tones. Often, designers combine earth tones and natural wood with white and black. Then, pops of color can be integrated into statement pieces with muted hues like blue, green, or orange in the décor and furniture.

Mid-Century Modern Flooring Types

When choosing flooring, focus on the materials that are warm and earthy. Popular selections include natural wood or vinyl with wood finishes. While hardwood is a great selection, some homeowners don’t want the maintenance that comes with natural wood floors. Vinyl is a great way to incorporate the same type of design using a material that is easier for maintenance and cleaning.

Laminate is another option that can give you the visuals of real wood without the need to refinish and care for wood flooring. All of these materials make the home look cozy and comfortable, with different hues and good grains to add the perfect finishing touch to the room’s design.

Another option is to use vinyl tiles with a stone finish, creating a grounding style for homeowners who don’t prefer the look of wood flooring. In addition, both light and dark tones can be the perfect complement to other design features in the home.

Tips for Mid-Century Designs

As you are installing the flooring and choosing other design elements, consider these tips to finish the overall look and feel of your home:

  • Balance and contrast manmade materials (such as vinyl) with natural materials (such as wood and glass).
  • Always prioritize clean lines and simple, bold décor. Less is more with minimalist designs.
  • Choose statement pieces that capture the focal point in each room.

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