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Durable and High-Performance Flooring Solutions for Heavy-Traffic Areas

Durable and High-Performance Flooring Solutions for Heavy-Traffic AreasIf you are installing flooring in a high-traffic area of your home or business, investing in materials that will hold up against wear and tear is critical. Not only do these heavy-use areas need durable flooring, but you should also consider the maintenance required to keep your floors looking good.

Why High-Performance Flooring

Some customers compare the price tag of high-performance flooring with other basic materials and wonder if it is worth the cost for the upgraded floors. There’s no doubt that these high-performance solutions are an excellent investment. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Ensure the floors look great for years, despite high traffic moving through the area
  • Save money in the future by avoiding replacement and repairs
  • Reduce business interruptions for floor maintenance or repairs

For example, you may own a restaurant, retail store, hotel, business office, medical facility, or another building with a lot of foot traffic. Then you won’t regret the decision to install high-performance flooring in your building.

Best Solutions for High-Traffic Areas

Now that you can see the benefits of high-performance flooring for areas with a lot of foot traffic, the next step is to choose the materials that match these requirements. There are four main recommendations for you to choose from:

  • Vinyl Flooring: These materials can be manufactured to look like realistic stone and hardwoods. The materials are designed to prioritize resiliency and durability. Plus, many customers prefer vinyl flooring because it is easy to maintain, warmer and gentler under-foot than concrete. Additionally, it is cheaper compared to other options. You get what you pay for, so many are sure to choose a quality, high-end vinyl product.
  • Concrete Flooring: Another option is to put a high-performance finish on concrete flooring. These floors are stain-resistant and offer a non-slip surface. Plus, they are easy to maintain, especially after a professional installation from an experienced contractor. Choose a custom color to add personality and design flare.
  • Commercial Carpet: If you prefer carpet, then make sure to choose durable designs with heavy-duty materials and a low cut. Commercial carpet squares are easy to replace, if damaged, without having to replace the whole room. Keep in mind that carpets need to be vacuumed and cleaned as needed. But many people don’t mind this maintenance because they want the warming design and low acoustics of the carpet. Carpet is often installed in offices, lobbies, and hotels.

Whether you are installing flooring in a high-traffic office or want something luxurious for your home, contact On the Level Flooring to learn about your options: (951) 764-7726.

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