April 17, 2022 Ron Gauthier

DIY Flooring Installation Vs. Hiring a Contractor

DIY Flooring Installation Vs. Hiring a ContractorPinterest and home renovation TV shows make it look easy to transform your home with DIY projects. So whether you are updating your home or building a new home, you might be considering your options to cut costs with DIY projects.

Is DIY flooring installation the right solution for your home? Here are a few factors that might influence your decision to attempt DIY vs. hiring an experienced flooring contractor:

Flooring Installation Process

What type of flooring are you planning to install? Research the flooring installation process to determine if you have the skills and ability to handle this type of work. The exact steps vary depending on the materials you choose, but most installations require:

  • Measuring the space to calculate the amount of flooring required
  • Ripping out existing flooring and preparing the surface for new installation
  • Placing underlayment or padding for cushioning and padding
  • Cutting the tiles or planks using special tools
  • Carefully laying the flooring to avoid gaps and misalignment
  • Placing spacers to accommodate for expansion
  • Final finishing, such as sanding and sealant if required
  • Installing baseboards to hide the gaps between the wall and flooring

Time and Money Investment

The costs of a DIY flooring installation can be deceiving, especially since homeowners often overlook the expenses that come up. Not only do you need to spend money on the flooring material, but there are also costs for specialized equipment.

Additionally, consider the cost of your time – you’ll spend a lot of hours in the evenings and weekends to complete the project.

Benefits of Hiring a Contractor for Flooring Installation

Hiring a flooring contractor means that you receive full-service solutions for your installation. Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Affordable Materials: The contractor has industry connections to help you access quality flooring materials at competitive pricing.
  • Efficiency and Timing: The project will be done in a day or two, which helps minimize the disruption of construction in your home.
  • Professional Installation: Years of experience means that the flooring installation team knows the best way to place the boards and tiles. You can avoid common mistakes that occur with DIY installation.
  • Warranty and Guarantee: If something goes wrong, then the flooring team will make it right.

You deserve a fast and effective way to install new flooring in your home. For more information about these services, contact our pro team at On the Level Flooring: (951) 764-7726.

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