November 16, 2022 Ron Gauthier

Choosing the Right Flooring for a Rental Property

Choose the Right Flooring for a Rental Property

There is a fine balance of quality and cost-efficiency when choosing materials and features for a rental property. For example, you want the apartment or home to be clean and inviting for the renters but also need to save money on installation costs. Additionally, durability is an essential factor, especially since renters can result in a lot of wear and tear on the property.

If your tenants are moving out, it might be the perfect time to work on renovations and upgrades. Not only will a fresh coat of paint look great, but also consider adding new flooring as well. Here are a few tips to consider when you are selecting flooring for your rental property:

Installation Timeline

Every day your rental property is being renovated is another day you aren’t collecting rent. Instead, you want to sign a new lease on the property as soon as possible, which is why it makes sense to choose renovation projects that can be completed quickly and easily.

Make sure the flooring that you choose is in-stock and easy to install. Talk to a professional installation team to learn more about the anticipated installation timeline, and always choose products that are ready to go in the warehouse.

Price Comparisons: Value vs. Durability

Even though it’s a rental property, don’t make the mistake of choosing the cheapest flooring you can find. You get what you pay for! Unfortunately, a low price tag often means that the materials don’t offer the durability you can get from higher-quality products.

The goal is to find the perfect balance of affordable flooring without sacrificing durability. For example, laminate flooring is popular because it looks great, is low maintenance, and holds up to normal wear and tear.

Neutral Design Themes

Also, pick the flooring that has a neutral and timeless design. It might seem fun to install trendy flooring, but you don’t want to replace it again in a few years because it looks outdated. Find something that stands up to evolving trends with neutral tones and classic styles.

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