May 18, 2023 Ron Gauthier

5 Maintenance Tips That Will Prolong the Lifespan of Your Carpet

Carpet Maintenance Tips to Prolong the LifespanCarpet is comfortable and beautiful in a home, but this flooring takes a little more maintenance and care compared to other materials.

The good news is that you can do a few things to keep the carpets looking good and avoid replacing the flooring again in the future. Here are a few essential tips every homeowner should follow to protect their carpet.

Choose Quality Carpets

If you install new carpets, be proactive about researching your options before buying. While style and colors matter, don’t overlook other factors, such as the quality and durability of the materials. Certain rooms in the house can be high-traffic areas, which means that you need strong carpets that will hold up against daily wear and tear – especially if you have kids and pets in the house.

Other Flooring Details

While it’s important to focus on the style and appearance of the carpet, don’t cut corners on the other aspects that aren’t visible. For example, good padding makes a difference in the comfort and durability of your carpets. Choose quality carpet padding and make sure the materials offer moisture protection.

Regular Cleaning

Once the carpets are installed, regular carpet cleaning will make a big difference to help you avoid stubborn stains and unnecessary wear and tear. Vacuuming lifts dirt out of the carpet fibers, which helps to minimize damage over time. Additionally, occasional deep cleaning is essential to pull out the deeper buildup and other issues that can lead to permanent stains.

Use Rugs and Runners

It’s a lot easier to replace a rug instead of re-installing flooring in a room. Instead of leaving your carpets exposed to daily wear and tear, consider an option to protect the flooring with rugs and runners. These floor coverings are easy to place in your home and make a big difference in protecting your carpets over time. Be strategic so the rugs and runners are placed in the highest traffic areas of your home.

More Carpet Tips from the Experts

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