May 19, 2022 Ron Gauthier

A Guide to Choosing the Right Flooring for Residential Homes

Whether you are building a new home or working on a renovation project, it’s a big decision to choose the type of flooring you would like to install. Not only do you need to consider the appearance and style, but it’s also essential to evaluate long-term durability and performance. In addition, the quality of your flooring has the potential to shape the overall appearance and feel of your entire home!

In fact, some homeowners feel like the flooring choice is a high-stakes decision. If you have a hard time choosing the best flooring for your home, don’t hesitate to talk to an industry professional for personalized recommendations and advice. We’ll help you compare the options so you can decide on the best flooring for each room in your house.

Here are a few tips to help when you are choosing the flooring for your home:

Match the Style

Compare different patterns and colors to find the textures that you prefer. For example, do you like the classic, rich grain of hardwood, clean tile lines, or luxurious comfort of carpet? Make sure the overall appearance aligns with other décor details in your home.

Evaluate Your Lifestyle

How much foot traffic are you anticipating in this area of the home? It’s important to choose flooring materials that will hold up under the daily wear and tear that will be happening. Not only should you consider the durability of the flooring, but also think about your comfort as you are going about your daily activities. For example, if your kids often leave puddles of water in the bathroom, then it might make sense to go with tile instead of hardwood. Make sure the flooring will stand up to the anticipated activities in the coming years.

Look at Your Budget

How much of your budget can you dedicate to flooring installation? As a homeowner, it’s wise to break down your budget and plan the amount you are going to spend on different features in the renovation. Keep in mind that the flooring budget should include the cost of flooring material, as well as other associated costs such as delivery, underlayment, installation, and more.

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