June 8, 2022 Ron Gauthier

4 Flooring Options That Will Feel Cool During the Summer

4 Flooring Options That Will Feel Cool During the SummerWhether you are building a new home or working on renovations, it’s important to consider energy-efficient details to help you manage the utility bills. Not only can a good HVAC system help, but the finishes in your home can reduce the need to run the air conditioner in the hottest months of the summer.

One way to reduce the stress of high energy bills is to maintain a cooler home with the right type of flooring. Pick materials that feel cool underfoot, and they will make a difference in the overall feel of your home.

Why Cool Flooring?

Certain types of flooring materials feel cooler underfoot. There’s actual science to this phenomenon: different kinds of materials have different heat conductivity properties (how the flooring conducts heat). The higher the heat conductivity, the faster heat transfers from your body to the materials – and the cooler it feels when you touch it.

For example, carpet is very airy because of all the fibers, making it a poor heat conductor. As a result, it feels warmer when you walk barefoot on the carpet because the air doesn’t transfer heat very quickly. On the other hand, tile or solid flooring are better heat conductors. These solid flooring materials transfer heat quickly with each footstep, making it feel cooler when walking through the house.

Conductivity works inside the house as long as the flooring is cooler than your body temperature. But it can also work in the opposite way. For example, pavers outside on a hot day will feel hot on your feet since the heat from the sun warms up the pavers, and then the heat transfers to your feet while walking barefoot.

Best Types of Cool Flooring Materials

If you want cooler flooring, then consider these ideal types of flooring materials for your home:

  1. Ceramic tiles (porcelain or non-porcelain)
  2. Slate (natural stone)
  3. Travertine (polished stone)
  4. Tile pavers (in covered outdoor areas)

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