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Shopping for Carpet? Avoid These Mistakes

Shopping for carpet isn’t like going to the grocery store to pick up milk. This is not something you do on a regular basis; in fact, you might only shop for carpet two or three times in your life. So, it can be easy to choose carpeting based on entirely the wrong factors, or misjudge your actual needs in some area.

When you begin your carpet hunt, avoid these common mistakes… Read more

5 Ways to Maintain Your Hardwood Floors

Some homeowners feel intimidated by hardwood floors. As we all know, nicer things often require more care, and replacement is more expensive. Luckily, in the case of hardwood flooring, proper maintenance really isn’t all that difficult.

Follow these five steps to clean and protect your floors, and you can ward off the need for repairs. Read more

Hardwood Versus Laminate Flooring

Many people opt for hardwood flooring simply because they love the way it looks, even though there are other benefits to hardwood. Of course, if you’re making a flooring choice based on aesthetics alone, you might know that laminate flooring looks very similar despite being composed of a very different material. In fact, it is designed to look like hardwood, but is made from melamine resin and fiber board material. Since both hardwood and laminate can offer basically the same appearance, which one should you choose? Read more

Which Type of Flooring is Better for Pets and Kids?

We redecorate and remodel our homes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we make changes to add value to the house, and get it ready to sell. Sometimes we need to make repairs when elements of our homes become damaged. And of course, sometimes we make changes based on personal preferences, to make our homes more cozy and livable for ourselves.

Today we’ll be talking about that last category. If you’re considering new flooring, it might be because your aesthetic preferences or lifestyle needs have changed. And nothing can change those two factors more drastically than adding children or pets to your household! So, you might be wondering: Which type of flooring is better for pets and kids? Read more

Pros and Cons of Hardwood Flooring

Are you sick of vacuuming and scrubbing stains from your carpet? Or perhaps you just prefer the look of hardwood floors? Maybe you’re putting your home on the market soon, and you want to make it more appealing to prospective buyers. Whatever your reasons, you might consider a hardwood floor installation. But since making major changes to your home can induce anxiety, changing your flooring is not an issue you take lightly.

It might help to consider some of the pros and cons of hardwood flooring, before making the decision to renovate your home. Read more

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